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Face Rejuvenation with Hyaluronic Acid



Hyaluronic Acid and our skin


Hyaluronic acid is an essential skin component. It acts like a sponge that retains water and keeps the skin moisturized, plumped and healthy. Unfortunately, we lose 50% of our Hyaluronic Acid deposits between the ages of 35 and 50. Then, the skin becomes dry, thin and fragile.

In addition to normal ageing and loss of Hyaluronic Acid, our skin is exposed daily to various external factors that change its surface which results in the loss of brightness, such as:

  • Sun exposure
  • Pollution
  • Junk food
  • Lack of sleep
  • Smoking

Your body has a stock of antioxidants capable of neutralizing the oxidants. This balance can be disturbed by an unhealthy lifestyle and several external factors. The excess of oxidants attacks the skin, decreasing its elasticity and tonicity. An injectable revitalizing treatment with Hyaluronic acid is a must to restore skin's healthy balance and fight against all aspects of skin-ageing.


Face rejuvenation with Hyaluronic Acid

Face rejuvenation with Hyaluronic Acid is a procedure performed by our dermatologist. Microinjections of the Hyaluronic acid are performed on the skin’s surface [Recommended treatment protocol: 3 sessions at 3 week intervals for immediate and cumulative results]. The ingredients spread through the skin cells, increase their activity and redensify the dermis without creating volume. The skin regains its healthy look and youthful glow. After enhancing the cells, the Hyaluronic acid progressively resorbs like any natural skin component, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. To achieve a harmonious look we can make therapy for:

  • Face

  • Neck

  • decolletage

  • hands


Your skin may need Hyaluronic acid especially:

  • Before prolonged sun exposures, in order to prepare the skin for the exposure
  • After prolonged sun exposures to repair the skin
  • Before special occasions
  • After a stressful period


Cost for Face Rejuvenation with Hyaluronic Acid

Unfortunately the law prevents us from publishing any medical related costs, hence please send us an e-mail at [email protected] or give us a call at 257247474 from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00-19:00, to get informed about our prices.


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