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Thread Lifting (Meso-threads)

THREAD LIFTING or thread reinforcement is a method of correction of age-specific changes of soft face and body tissues by means of intra dermal and hypodermal injection of special threads using a specific technology. The threads create intra dermal framework thus strengthening the skin and providing a lifting effect. The threads are sutural material secured in a carrier needle. When placed into the skin or hypodermal fatty tissue it promotes natural production of fibroblasts, 1 and 2 type collagen which means neo collagenosis is taking place. As a result, your skin becomes tighter, more elastic and firm; tissue tone improves along with its appearance and a firmer and stronger framework is generated. Face oval is thus evened, little wrinkles are eliminated and the overall appearance improves.

Meso threads biodegrade (dissolve) in tissues within 180 - 360 days.

Important Note: For the thread lifting procedures in our Center we use the certified and allowed threads for use in Cyprus.


Indications for using meso-threads for face:

-skin laxity, atony and signs of soft tissue ptosis with no apparent excess of skin
-ptosis of eyebrows
-crow's feet
-transversal forehead rhytids
-nasolabial folds
-labio-genian wrinkles
-nasojugal fold
-perioral wrinkles, "marionette folds"
-deformation of face oval
-double chin
-age-specific neck changes developing on the background of atrophic skin changes
-folds in front of and behind the auricle
-loss of muscle tone of individual facial muscles and groups of facial muscles

Indications for using meso-threads for body:

-lax skin on the stomach
-lax skin on the inner side of arms
-lax skin on the inner side of thighs (patellar part)
-buttocks ptosis
-cellulite, unevenness of skin after liposuction

Thread lifting can be combined with laser resurfacing, deep and medium chemical peels or dermoabrasia provided reasonable time intervals are respected.



Unfortunately the law prevents us from publishing any medical related costs, hence please send us an e-mail at [email protected] or give us a call at 257247474 from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00-19:00, to get informed about our prices.


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