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Nail art


Most of us simply do not have the kind of nails we would like. This could be for a number of reasons including weak, brittle or bitten nails. We pride ourselves on ensuring only the highest standard of customer care is given and we feel sure that you will not be disappointed. La Femme Rejuvenation Center in Limassol is proud to use only the best products, selected for their outstanding quality in order to provide you with the consistent results you demand when you visit us.


Manicure & Pedicure

Are you embarrassed by the look of your nails on your hands or feet? Would you like lovely natural or gel nails that won't break and look flat on the surface?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you could benefit from special nail care sessions.


Benefits of a Manicure or Pedicure Treatment

  • Prevents any nail diseases or nail disorders
  • Makes your hands & feet look better
  • Strong nails
  • Natural or gel long nails  and much more 


What can you expect from a treatment?

Each treatment session takes between 45 – 90 minutes commencing with a brief consultation. Every session starts with the clients hands or feet being washed and cleaned. Old nail polish is removed with nail polish remover. The hands or feet are then dried. The nails are then trimmed and filed to the desired length and shape. Hands or feet are then soaked in water to soften the skin, particularly the cuticles. The cuticles are then pushed back. Dead, loose skin is removed, Nails are then polished and a layer of nail polish is applied if required, but if dealing with problem nails then special lacquers or paints will be used instead of the polish to help return the nails back to health. The treatment is finished with a massage using special lotions.

Our nail treatments concentrate on the conditioning of the cuticle and your natural nails. The products we use are designed to be applied on a regular basis and you may be advised a course of treatments if required.


Blue sky gel-polish (Shellac)  

It is wonderful for the person who wants color that stays.  Gel-polish doesn’t damage your natural nails.  Perfect for everyday but a must for vacations, weddings.  It is a color that lasts.


Spa Manicure

Relieve stress in your hands with a hand massage and warm steam towels.  Treat cuticles, buff, lotion application and polish.


Gel extension

We offer gel nail extension for customers looking for extra length and strength.  The service begin with us applying a nail tip to the nail to add length. This can then be trimmed to the desired length. Gel extensions give a super glossy finish to the nails and have a natural look. They will last up to 3 weeks and you will need to return to have them infilled. This is done by buffing down the gel and applying fresh gel to the nails.  If you would like to remove the gel, you will need to return to the salon and have these carefully buffed off by your technician.


Price List
1 Manicure (cuticle care, file,massage & nail varnish on your choice) В 


2 SPA Manicure (bath,scrub, massage, mask, В cuticle care, file & nail varnish on your choice)


3 Manicure with gel nail polish (Shellac hands or toes)


4 Gel nail polish design (Shellac)

additional 12€ to 20€

5 Manicure with gel nail extensions (В french or any colour on your choice)


6 Gel nail design

additional 10€ to 30€

7 Pedicure treatment with Gehwol (nail varnish on your choice)


8 SPA Pedicure (bath,scrub, massage, mask, В cuticle care, file & nail varnish on your choice)


9 Parafin Therabath Treatment (В hand or foot on your choice. Can be a part of SPA treatment)


10 Only gel removal


11 Only gel polish (Shellac) removal 



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